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August Moments That Survive Spotlight

In August, we shared powerful stories from the Moments That Survive Story Wall. We will continue to share your stories throughout the year on our social media platforms. If you have not shared your story on Moments that Survive and would like to, you can do so here.

Clare Senchyna

Clare Senchyna’s son, Camilo, was out celebrating his recent completion of paramedic school and upcoming birthday when he was struck with a stranger’s bullet and killed.

“I still don’t want to believe it, over five years later. I speak out against gun violence because that is what I am left with. I cannot be silent.”

Paula Piatt

In 1995, Paula Piatt’s niece, Mandy, was fatally shot when a friend came by to show their family his new gun. Mandy asked him to leave, but as he was handling it, the gun went off and struck her. She died in the hospital from her wounds.

Edgar Vazquez

Edgar Vazquez was just 13 years old when his life was stolen by gun violence. He was at a sleepover with his friend, who found an unsecured gun and discharged it, mistakenly thinking it wasn’t loaded.

“He made friends with anyone he met. He is missed every day by everyone that knew him. Memories of his kind heart and huge smile keep us going each day.”

Dion Green

Two years ago, Dion Green was out with his father, Derrick Fudge, when a gunman opened fire in downtown Dayton, Ohio. His father shielded him from the bullets, and was shot and killed.

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