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Latinx Stories

Creating greater and better Latinx engagement can expand the gun violence prevention movement

Ade stands outdoors
Ade smiles for a group photo with four of her family members at home. She wears a cap and gown and is holding her high school diploma.
Ade and her family at her high school graduation

The gun violence prevention movement is important to me because as a Mexican and Black woman, I constantly fear for my safety and the safety of the communities and cultures that have shaped me. I grew up in Puebla, Mexico and still consider it home even though my family has since migrated to Texas. 

The constant violence in communities across America, the disgustingly huge amount of school shootings, and the increasing rate of suicide by firearm all pushed me to become a part of Students Demand Action. When I first got involved in 2018, I felt really inspired seeing how passionate students and staff members were about gun violence prevention. 

I’ve seen great progress since joining this movement, including watching the growth of Student Demand Action groups across the country. We now have more than 400 groups, and we just keep growing.

Latinx representation is important in the gun violence prevention movement. 

The work I am most proud of with Students Demand Action was during the Summer Leadership Academy, a program that empowers students from communities disproportionately impacted by gun violence to become community organizers. It has been extremely rewarding seeing high school students become activists and it truly inspires me to see how passionate and hardworking they are.

I believe that it is especially pivotal to have Latinx voices in this movement to help raise awareness. By creating greater and better Latinx engagement, we can expand the gun violence prevention movement and help protect our community and the people within it. Oftentimes, young Latinxs feel unheard and unappreciated because people lack engagement and understanding of our community. By improving a sense of awareness about the Latinx community and hearing their thoughts and opinions more thoroughly, we can increase Latinx involvement.

Latinx Heritage Month is a time to celebrate our roots and history.

During Latinx Heritage Month from September 15 through October 15, this is especially important. Latinx Heritage Month is an opportunity to help educate my peers on what it means to be Mexican, our beautiful traditions, our language, and our culture overall. It also means that I get to celebrate my roots and history. It makes me really proud to be part of the Latinx community. 

This community is really inclusive. I truly believe that this community contains people that are so beyond passionate, hardworking, and ambitious. I wish more people knew more about our history and culture as they are very rich and beautiful.

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