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Our Initiatives

Initiatives for Cities, Advocates and Lawmakers

We conduct original research and investigations to provide evidence-based solutions to America’s gun violence crisis. The following initiatives are rich in resources for gun violence prevention advocates, lawmakers and city officials.

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Everytown Law

Everytown Law leverages the expertise of a group of seasoned litigators with decades of collective experience as courtroom advocates.

Everytown Law
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City Gun Violence Reduction Insight Portal

CityGRIP is an online clearinghouse of data-informed gun violence reduction strategies. The data reflects two years worth of on-site interviews with mayors, police chiefs, sheriffs, and community members in more than 60 communities nationwide.

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NRA Watch

NRA Watch

The details of the NRA’s alleged corruption and scandal are coming to light in several court cases across the country and in the work of investigative journalists. This site compiles detailed legal filings from these cases and those news reports so you can read for yourself about the various scandals at the NRA.

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Gun Law Navigator

The Gun Law Navigator is the largest historical database of modern U.S. gun laws, drawing on Everytown for Gun Safety’s survey of state gun laws back to 1991. The Navigator allows you to compare the strength of state gun laws, track trends over time, and identify gaps in the gun laws in your state.

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One Thing You Can Do

If you’re worried that your loved one is in crisis and at risk of hurting themselves, you can seek a Red Flag order to temporarily suspend their access to firearms - the most lethal form of suicide—until the crisis passes.

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When it comes to having guns in the home, we can't rely on our kids to adhere to the rules we set. It's our responsibility as adults to Be SMART about responsible gun storage.

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Research & Policy

Everytown Research & Policy conducts independent, methodologically rigorous research, supports evidence-based policies, and communicates this knowledge to the public.

Everytown Research & Policy

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