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Our Initiatives

Initiatives for Survivors

A pile of buttons with the word, “survivor” on all of them.

Survivor Network

Everytown Survivor Network connects survivors of gun violence to each other, amplifies the power of survivor voices, offers trauma-informed programs, provides information on direct services, and supports survivors who choose to become advocates.

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Moments that Survive

Moments That Survive is a space for those who have felt the impact of gun violence to share their stories. These are their moments and memories that survive.

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Alvino and Beverly Crawford hold up a sign of their son

Everytown Law

Everytown Law leverages the expertise of a group of seasoned litigators with decades of collective experience as courtroom advocates.

Everytown Law

Mothers Dream Quilt

Every mother dreams that her child will grow up safe, healthy and happy. Mother’s Dream Quilt symbolizes the human toll of gun violence in America, as well as mothers’ shared commitment to making our country safer for our children.

Mother's Dream Quilt
Three women wearing orange “we can end gun violence” t-shirts

Wear Orange

The Wear Orange campaign asks everyone in America who wants to save lives from gun violence to do one simple thing on National Gun Violence Awareness Day: Wear Orange. The broad-based Wear Orange coalition was inspired by activists in Chicago and New York City.

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Have you been impacted by gun violence? People may use different words to describe living through gun violence. Everyone experiences trauma and healing in different ways, which is why we use the word “survivor.” This acknowledges the pain and resilience that survivors can experience, and recognizes the daily consequences of gun violence.

The most meaningful way to engage as someone impacted by gun violence is to join the Everytown Survivor Network. It is a nationwide community of survivors working together to end gun violence. You can also explore our other initiatives and resources for survivors of gun violence.