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A Students Demand Action volunteer holds a sign that says “Guns are the #1 killer of American youth”

Why Should We Hold the Gun Industry Accountable?

Guns are the number one killer of our generation, but the gun industry continues to market their products to us, innovate to make them deadlier, and evade responsibility for the harm they cause.

Students Demand Action demands that the gun industry step up and take action to save lives. Raise awareness and encourage others to sign our Industry Accountability & Gun Industry Divestment petitions by posting online.

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Use your unique voice to hold the gun industry accountable. These captions are just examples. You can personalize them or just use them as inspiration for your own posts.
  • Tag @StudentsDemand in all of your tweets, posts, and stories so we can lift them!
  • Use #KillerBusiness when posting about the gun industry.
  • Include links to the list of demands and petitions, like our Industry Accountability petition or your campus’s divestment petition (find your school here!)
  • Use visuals, like photos or the graphics below, whenever possible. Try to match the photo with the sentiment (Ex: Don’t use happy faces when talking about the gun industry).

Sample Social Media Posts

Sample #1

I demand action from the gun industry because [add your personal story to tell us why]. We don’t have to live and die like this. Join me & sign @StudentsDemand’s petition:

Sample #2

Guns are the #1 killer of college-aged people in America, yet gun makers refuse to take responsibility for their #KillerBusiness. Join @StudentsDemand & I to demand accountability: Sign my gun industry divestment petition today. [LINK TO YOUR CAMPUS PETITION]

Sample #3

The gun industry continues to profit while we pay for it with our lives. Not on our watch. We’re targeting their bottom line & demanding that our schools divest from their #KillerBusiness with @StudentsDemand. Sign my gun industry divestment petition today! [LINK TO YOUR CAMPUS PETITION]

Sample #4

Every American industry is expected to be responsible, and the gun industry is no exception. We’re demanding gun makers to take action and save lives. Read our full list of demands and sign the @StudentsDemand petition:

Sample #5

The gun industry rakes in billions every year while gun violence survivors, like me, are traumatized by the devastation that their weapons cause. Join me in holding gun makers accountable and sign the @StudentsDemand petition:


Graphics to Download and Share

Square Graphics

Instagram Story