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We collaborate with writers and editors who aim to create impactful work related to gun violence and gun violence prevention. Public art is a powerful tool to influence culture change; we connect artists with both resources and guidance for incorporating crucial, credible information into their work.

Authors Council

Everytown’s Authors Council includes more than 130 authors, illustrators, publishers, editors, agents, and others who harness the power of the literary community to amplify the message of the gun safety movement. We use our collective reach and cultural influence to support common-sense solutions proven to save lives.

Book Club

Moms Demand Action Book Club logo

The Moms Demand Action Book Club provides our grassroots volunteers with a resource for deeper education and dialogue to inform their activism. We curate reading lists that connect our work with a broader cultural conversation, convene discussions at the chapter and national levels, and welcome authors to share their insights with our community.


Everytown, Students Demand Action, and National Dance Institute partnered to release the video “Enough” featuring Sia’s song “I’m Still Here.” The video highlights the dangers of gun violence to American children and teens and features 130 dancers ages seven to 17 from the National Dance Institute.

Jenny Holzer

Sign that says “American Students Shot”

Jenny Holzer created a mobile art installation that traveled around Dallas, Texas during the 2022 NRA Convention and Las Vegas, Nevada during the 2023 National Shooting Sports Foundation SHOT Show.


In collaboration with Creative Time and artist Jenny Holzer, VIGIL was an exhibition that highlighted firsthand accounts of American survivors whose lives have been affected by gun violence. The stories represented a diverse array of gun violence narratives from Everytown’s own Survivor Network and were projected onto Rockefeller Center three nights in a row in October 2019.

The Gun Violence Memorial Project

The Gun Violence Memorial Project created a national memorial that honors the lives and stories of victims of gun violence. The exhibition features four houses built of 700 glass bricks, each representing the average number of lives taken due to gun violence each week in America. Families who have lost a loved one due to gun violence contributed remembrance objects at in-person collection events.

TIME: Guns in America

TIME: Guns in America cover

To tell this uniquely American story, TIME partnered with JR, the artist and photographer known in part for his worldwide murals that portray communities in all their complexity. In three U.S. cities profoundly affected by guns—Dallas, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.—people share their views and describe their experiences in a search for common ground.