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We aim to tell the full story of gun violence in America through a variety of ways, from creating impactful narratives around gun safety to connecting with content creators across various mediums such as television, film, podcasts, theater, and more.

Everytown can provide guidance and resources for showrunners, producers, directors, and other media content creators, during all stages of production—from the early writing and development stages through post-production and final promotion. If you would like access to our guide or find out how we can work together, please contact us.

Shooting Straight: What TV Stories Tell Us About Gun Safety

Overlay of screenshots from New Amsterdam and Grey’s Anatomy, with a visual of multi-bar charts and corresponding percentages

In collaboration with USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center’s Media Impact Project, this report examines how gun safety and prevention measures are currently depicted on television and how storylines impact viewers. The report also highlights the importance of depicting gun violence prevention measures and gun safety practices.

If Anything Happens I Love You

In this Oscar-winning short film by Michael Govier and Will McCormack, grieving parents journey through an emotional void as they mourn the loss of a child in the aftermath of a tragic school shooting.

Last Day Season 3

Last Day podcast cover

Last Day Season 3 grapples with guns in America, asking: How can we live safely in a country that has more guns than people? The team travels to Montana and Georgia, talking to families who have lost loved ones to gun suicides and stray bullets, trying to discover tangible solutions to reducing gun-related deaths, all while gaining perspective on gun culture across the U.S.

Jordan Klepper Solves Guns

From the nation’s capital to the woods of Georgia and beyond, Jordan Klepper talks with lawmakers, militia members, and more to “solve” America’s gun crisis.

New Amsterdam: “Perspectives”

Screengrab from New Amsterdam’s episode “Perspectives”

The episode “Perspectives” focuses on a child experiencing trauma symptoms after participating in an active shooter drill with simulated gun violence at school.

Station 19: “Indoor Fireworks”

Screengrab from Station 19’s episode “Indoor Fireworks”

In this episode of Station 19, what starts as an innocent game turns deadly when a toddler finds a loaded gun and unintentionally fires it at the adults who are watching him.

Inside Amy Schumer – The Gun Show

The Gun Show is a comedy sketch on Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer. Creative Council member Amy Schumer plays a home shopping network host who sells her viewers guns.