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Everytown’s grant support has provided a critical lifeline to community-based violence intervention programs operating at the intersection of community and public safety, helping to sustain these organizations’ life saving efforts. The Everytown Community Safety Fund delivers discretionary grants to 501(c)3 organizations implementing community violence intervention (CVI) programs in cities nationwide. Our current grant offerings are listed below:

Support Grants

Support Grants are our largest grant offering, each year 15 community-based violence intervention programs are awarded $100,000, to be delivered in two equal payments of $50,000 over two years. Grant recipients are selected via a competitive process informed by Moms Demand Action volunteers, Everytown staff, and our advisory board of national subject matter experts. In addition to financial support, grantees also receive access to peer convenings, capacity-building training, and advocacy support from Everytown staff, partners, and volunteer networks. Select Everytown Support Grant recipients may be awarded a subsequent Sustainer Grant.

Sustainer Grants

Sustainer Grants provide prior Support Grant recipients with a lifeline to help them sustain a continuing gun violence prevention effort for their third year in this program. Each year, support grantees reaching the end of their Support Grant are reviewed and considered for an additional one-year grant of $40,000 with additional access to the support provided to support grantees.

Wear Orange CPTED Grants

Wear Orange CPTED Grants supports community-based violence intervention organizations collaborating with a local Moms Demand Action chapter or Students Demand Action group to reduce gun violence via a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) project, “clean-and-green” or other place-based initiatives, in a community with high levels of gun violence. Each year, 10 Wear Orange CPTED Grantees are awarded $10,000. Grantees are community-based nonprofit organizations implementing promising public safety strategies in the cities which are most affected by gun violence in America.

Micro-Cohort Grant

Micro-Cohort Grants provides two-year grants of up to $1,000,000 to three or more community-based violence intervention organizations in a shared city or state with high gun violence and an existing CVI and/or funding infrastructure to collaborate to fuel the implementation of a hyperlocal demonstration project with the goals of identifying common practices, adopting uniform incident and survivor response procedures across all partner organizations, and evaluating the impact of the project throughout its duration.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants seek to support new or existing organizations in implementing an evidence-informed gun violence prevention program model that has not received previous support from the Everytown Community Safety Fund. Each year, 5 grants of $50,000 are awarded to organizations launching innovative and promising gun violence prevention programs, or implementing an innovative prevention, intervention, or healing strategy to reduce gun violence in communities most impacted by gun violence.