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The Everytown Community Safety Fund supports 501(c)3 organizations implementing community-based violence intervention (CVI) programs operating in cities nationwide as a core component of a comprehensive approach to reducing gun violence in America. We deliver resources to help community-based violence intervention organizations sustain and scale their essential, lifesaving work via direct investment through grants, capacity-building training, peer convenings and advocacy campaigns.

Our Story

Everytown Community Safety Fund has provided a critical lifeline to community-based violence intervention programs nationwide, helping them sustain their life-saving efforts at the intersection of community and public safety.

Our Work

Giving Tuesday 2023

This Giving Tuesday, we have a chance to provide the critical support our community leaders need and are asking for. This support will help maintain programs that help youth escape the scourge of gun violence. And it will assist marginalized communities in navigating structural barriers to ultimately reduce gun violence in cities across the nation.

Join the Everytown Community Safety Fund this Giving Tuesday in providing support to community-based violence intervention programs across the nation, starting with those in your own city. These organizations need our collective investment urgently in response to the persistent gun violence epidemic impacting our nation. We can’t wait.

Our Grantees

Since 2019, Everytown has granted to 117 organizations in 67 cities implementing promising, community-based strategies to reduce gun violence as part of our effort to support, sustain and scale their life-saving work.

Our Team


Michael-Sean Spence (he/him/his), Managing Director, Community Safety Initiatives

Dara Young (she/her/hers), Associate Director, Community Safety Initiatives

Devenray Rivera (he/him/his), Program Manager, Community Safety Fund

Owen Brady (he/him/his), Program Manager, Community Safety Initiatives

Advisory Board

Anthony Smith, Executive Director, Cities United

Dr. Caterina Roman, Professor, Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University

Dr. Chico Tillmon, Director, Community Violence Intervention (CVI) Leadership Academy, University of Chicago Crime Lab

Erica Atwood, Senior Director, Office of Policy and Strategic Initiatives for Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Philadelphia

Marcus McAllister, Violence Prevention Consultant, McAllister Consultancy & Training LLC

Dr. Shani Buggs, Assistant Professor, University of California, Davis Violence Prevention Research Program


The Everytown Community Safety Fund regularly develops tools, fact sheets, and reports that amplify the needs and experiences of community-based violence intervention programs as well as the effective solutions being implemented nationwide. The Everytown Community Safety Fund also shares Everytown and partner-developed assets to fuel awareness of emerging trends and promising gun violence reduction strategies to inform the work of grantees and the CVI field at large.

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