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Smart Policing

A competitive grant to law enforcement agencies to support the effective use of data, technology, and evidence-based practices like community violence intervention strategies.


Eligible Applicants:

  • Law Enforcement

Eligible Community Violence Intervention Programs:

  • Group Violence Intervention
  • Street Outreach
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  • Hospital-Based Violence Intervention
  • Safe Passage
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Youth

2021 Grant Overview

Fund Amount: $7,000,000.00

Maximum Award Amount: $500,000.00

Total Number of Anticipated Recipients: 14

Solicitation Priorities:

  • CVI strategies to help law enforcement identify their most pressing crime problems and support their use of promising practices, data, and technology to effectively respond to those problems.

How to Apply

Anticipated Deadline: July 2022

Most recent solicitation: 2021

Agency: Department of Justice

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